The choice of filling is an important consideration when designing your custom cushions. 

We often use the comparison that "the same dress will look very different on a variety of body types".

We can help with selection. Some variations include: the softness or firmness of the foam, and its use. Cushions subjected to constant outdoor elements require a specialised foam.


MDF Indoor foam:

Our most popular bench cushion inner, as it is stable and resilient and retains its shape. It can be used on most general purpose cushions.

We use a premium quality foam, which is sourced in various densities, depending upon use. For example, the base seat cushion is firmer than the back cushion on a chair.

Our foam is then wrapped in a Dacron wadding layer, which adds volume and shape to the final cushion.


Quick Dry Foam:

Q-D foam is water permeable and dries rapidly. This is a rubber based filling, treated against mould and rot. The water runs straight through the cushion, so it is highly recommended for poolside use or cushions left outside in weather.

It is extremely comfortable to sit on, however the cost is marginally higher than the MDF indoor foam.

As with the MDF, we also wrap this foam in an external dacron layer.


Fibre Fill Cushion Inners:

We use 100% recycled PET fibre to fill our outdoor throw cushions and 'plump' back chair cushions.

It is derived from recycled water bottles to produce a high-grade cushion insert, with a high resilience rating and increased 'lifetime of plumpness'.


Feather Cushion Inners:

100% pure duck feather from humane sources.