There are many options with the finishing of chair cushions. They are listed below. We are happy to discuss these, if you wish. However, if you have a preference, please list this within the quote.

BASE Seat Cushion Options:




  • Standard finish
  • Firm, comfortable seat cushion; with extra wadding layer over foam for comfort & fit.
  • No seam visible at front, unless cushions are deeper than 650mm, when it is required.

SquareFox_custom chair cushion type basic


  • Piping trim added to the top & bottom panels, for a neat, elegant finish, by emphasising the silhouette and creates design.
  • Functionally, it also protects the cut edges and seams of the fabric.

    SquareFox_custom chair cushion cover_ piping trim


    BACK Seat Cushion Options

    1. PLUMP BASIC:  

    • Fine seam across the width (and invisible form the front)
    • If cushions are taller than 650mm, as seam will also be added across the top
    • Zipper at base
    • Soft poly fill recommended

    SquareFox_custom chair cushion_plump basic back cushion

    2. BOXED:

    • Front & Back are connected by a side panel; gives a modern look
    • Piping trim (in a contrast or co-ordinating colour) can be added to the front & back panels, for a neat, elegant finish.
    • Optional fill: 'soft', using fibre fill or 'firm', using MDF/Outdoor foam.
    • Zipper in centre, bottom panel

    SquareFox_custom chair cushion_piping trim


    • Ideal to put against a wall or straight back
    • Generally, 120mm thick at top and 180mm thick at the base.
    • Zipper in centre bottom panel.

    SquareFox_custom chair cushion_wedge back cushion



    ** When measuring, don't make this mistake!**
    Subtract the thickness of the seat cushion, or your back cushion will be too high.

    Measuring seat cushions mistake


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